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Dear Dr. Reese and Staff,
Thanks to your modern hair restoration techniques, I now look forward to my daily shower as I once again experience the welcome necessity of shampooing a growing head of hair. Thanks, Dr. Reese, I'm sure I'll soon need to purchase another bottle of shampoo. A grateful patron.
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Hair Transplant Surgeon Minneapolis - Our Team More than 50 percent of all men and 20 percent of all women are affected by hair loss. Dr. Robert Reese, of Reese Hair Restoration, has over two decades of experience in hair restoration. He has helped thousands of people look and feel younger with effective solutions for truly remarkable results.

The doctor and our team have standards of honesty, integrity, and excellence, which we will not compromise. We are as passionate about restoring your lost hair as you are, and we refuse to make false promises, or use ineffective procedures or products. Dr. Reese is skilled in the latest techniques and technologies, and he will help you decide if hair transplantation can restore your hair naturally and permanently.

We offer a range of hair loss solutions, the two most common types of surgical procedures are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The two methods differ in their advantages and disadvantages and the suitability of each is determined by the individual patient’s requirements. During an extensive complementary consultation, Dr. Reese will give you an honest assessment and detail your options, answer questions, and help you choose the best possible treatment.

The principal difference in the methods is in the way the follicles are harvested.

FUT extraction method

A thin strip of hair is removed from the donor area and is microscopically divided into individual follicular units. Some of the advantages of this method are:
  • A smaller area of the donor zone is affected
  • There is a lower rate of damage to the grafts
  • A higher yield of follicles
  • A faster extraction process
  • Generally less expensive than FUE extraction
FUE extraction method

Individual follicular units (hair root groups) are removed from the donor area using a micro-punch. Some of the advantages of this method are:
  • Decreased healing time and less post treatment discomfort
  • Physical activity is not limited
  • No linear scar, although there may be some small polka-dot scars hidden in the hair
  • Only for patients with large donor zones
  • Better for patients who prefer to wear their hair very short
Both FUE and FUT can yield excellent results, but the method of harvesting the grafts is just one component of successful hair restoration. The extent of the hair loss, cause, rapidity, and pattern are considered, as well as the patient's desires, cost, investment of time, and potential side effects are important considerations.

Dr. Reese and his highly trained team treat each patient as the unique individual that he or she is. They understand that hair loss is deeply personal, and only one procedure is performed per day—yours!

Patient Testimonial

Uncertainty, fear and anxiety are some words that describe how I felt the day I arrived to have my procedure done. I cannot say enough about how Dr. Reese and his staff's professionalism changed all that in a matter of minutes. Their attentiveness, patience and understanding of their patients' needs actually made the experience enjoyable! I never imagined the procedure would be pain-free and I was amazed how quickly you can go back to your normal routine. I seriously encourage anyone who is thinking about [hair transplant surgery in Minnesota] to consider Reese Hair Restoration – you won't be disappointed
- Rick P.
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