Hair Transplant Client Testimonials

Thousands of Reese Hair Restoration clients have had affordable hair transplant surgery in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Iowa, and Dr. Robert Reese and his staff can provide you with the same excellent results that our clients have described so well themselves:

"Dr. Reese and staff are very pleasant to deal with. I recommend Dr. Reese to anyone thinking about doing a hair transplant procedure. Dr. Reese will make sure YOU will be happy with the outcome. Those that are thinking about doing hair transplants, don't wait... you will be glad you did it and none the less with Dr. Reese. Dr. Reese and staff are absolutely , with out a doubt, the best. I am glad to have made my choice with Dr. Reese." -Michael R.

"Uncertainty, fear and anxiety are some words that describe how I felt the day I arrived to have my procedure done. I cannot say enough about how Dr. Reese and his staff's professionalism changed all that in a matter of minutes. Their attentiveness, patience and understanding of their patients' needs actually made the experience enjoyable! I never imagined the procedure would be pain-free and I was amazed how quickly you can go back to your normal routine. I seriously encourage anyone who is thinking about [hair transplant surgery in Minnesota] to consider Reese Hair Restoration – you won't be disappointed."
-Rick P.

"To whom it may concern:
Over the last 5 years my hair was getting thinner and thinner. I was wearing baseball caps and avoided swimming as much as I could. I had tried a few of the gimmicks you hear on TV and the radio with expected results, zero. I would spend 20 minutes in front of the mirror every morning trying to comb my hair and it drove me crazy. I finally contacted Dr. Reese and decided to do the [hair transplant surgery in Minnesota] procedure after meeting with him. I was incredibly pleased with the professionalism and the way Dr. Reese and his staff made me feel through the entire process from my pre-op to my 1-year check up. The results are natural and fantastic and I no longer give my hair a second thought. My wife can’t believe the difference after looking at pictures taken 1 year ago. No one noticed because the results were gradual. I would recommend Dr. Reese to anyone who was suffering from hair loss like I was."
-John from Minnesota

"Dear Dr. Reese and Staff,
Thanks to your modern hair restoration techniques, I now look forward to my daily shower as I once again experience the welcome necessity of shampooing a growing head of hair. Thanks, Dr. Reese, I’m sure I’ll soon need to purchase another bottle of shampoo. A grateful patron,"
-Jim C.

"Dear Dr. Reese,
Thought I would drop you a quick line and let you know I am doing well and everything seems to be going good. I was very impressed with how pain-free the [affordable hair transplant in Minnesota] process was. No one at work has even noticed I had anything done. My kids finally noticed “I was growing hair” this week. I look forward to watching the rest grow in."

"I am writing this letter to thank the very professional staff at Reese Hair Restoration. Before my procedure with Dr. Reese, I think I wore a baseball cap every day for almost the last 10 years. I am very happy and excited to say that I have not worn one in the last 6 months and do not plan to at all in the future. The procedure was for the most part pain-free, and the only regret that I have is that I did not do this years ago. Thanks again." -Jim

"I am a practicing family physician and it’s been an interesting experience to play the role of the patient. I can only hope that my patients are as satisfied with the care and service that my clinic and I provide as I am with the care provided by Dr. Reese and his staff. I am happy to state that I can unequivocally recommend Dr. Reese and his staff!" -Dr. Mike

"Dr. Reese got me out of my hair piece with a single hair transplant [surgery at his Minnesota office]. Now all I have to do is get a haircut! I’m profoundly grateful to Dr. Reese and his staff." -John W.

"I was always considered to have “good hair,” so when I started balding in the temples it really affected me. I chose Dr. Reese because his reputation for excellence is unmatched. The process was virtually painless and the result of my hair transplant speaks for itself." -Tom S.

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